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TheMacro is the explosive Museum of Contemporary Artof Rome.

The two locations of the museum do represent an interesting projectof industrial recovery.

The main location in Via Nizza is formerPeroni factory, built in the early twentieth century by Gustavo Giovannoni and then revisited by Odile Decq, award-winning French architect.

The second and most recent space is located in the fascinating century complex once used as a slaughterhouse in Testaccio, built by Gioacchino Ersoch. The two pavilions that make it up represent the symbolic transition from classicism to modernity and they are one of the highest examples of industrial architecture monuments of the capital.

Throughout the year MACRO organizes exhibitions, workshops and temporary installations. The program of the Museum is divided into three areas: MACROExpo, MACROLive and MacroLab.

MACROExpo is the section devoted to exhibitions, retrospectives and installations. MACROLive deals with guided tours, meetings with artists and many other live events. The workshop section offers a full program of training seminars.

The permanent collection, in continuous growth and evolution, is presented cyclically with themed trails and brings together works by renowned Italian and foreign artists, as MimmoRotella, Pino Pascali and Antonio Corpora

Information and opening hours:

MACRO Via Nizza: 11am to 19pm from Tuesday to Sunday; 11am to 22pm Saturday

MACRO Testaccio: 4pm to 22pm from Tuesday to Sunday

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