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Monte Testaccio

One of the most peculiar places of interest in the hotel’s near vicinity is the archeological site of Monte Testaccio, literally the “Potsherd mountain”, where you can also spend a nice evening thanks to the several restaurants and pubs that were dug right on the side of the hill.

As the name suggests, the unique artificial hill is constituted by shards of amphoras made of terracotta that could not be used anymore and therefore were thrown on the top of the pile which, as the time passed, reached 54 m height and 1 km circumference.

The site is famous for its archeological value, but also to be a center of activity in the past. In the 15th century for example the area was one of the set for the celebration of Carnival (a catholic festive season that takes place usually around February), remarkable for the cruel games that were played. One of them was the “Ludus Testaccie” in which livestock was thrown off the slope and had to be killed and collected by the participants.

After the Carnival was moved by Paolo II in the early 16th century, the mountain was chosen to represent Mount Calvary as the final step of the live recreation of the Station of the Cross led by the Pope, as recalled by the cross that was put on top.

In the 17th century the area was transformed by two entrepreneurs of the time. They realized that the caves that were carved out of the hill could serve as excellent cellars, since terracotta provided good isolation and the lime that was used to avoid deterioration of the oil leftovers contained by the amphoras assured stability, so they turned them in taverns and inns. Still today the area stands out for its great nightlife.



It is possible to visit the archeological site only with advance reservations and for groups of maximum 30 people. To book a visit or to have more information call the number +39 060608.

Address: Via Zabaglia, 24. 00153, Rome

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