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Protestant cemetery

Even if Testaccio is well known for the frenetic nightlife of its trendy bars, there is a place of great peace where they found rest great artists and people of every religious denomination.

Since the eighteenth century the pontifical law forbids the burial of non-Catholics in consecrated ground: Protestants, Jews and Orthodox, mostly foreign began thus find refuge here from 1716.

Many artists and atheists have chosen to be buried in the shade of the lush garden of pine and cypress, laurel, wild roses and camellias.

Tombs that are true works of art, as the angel in grief sculpted by William Wetmore Story for the death of his beloved wife Emelyn Story.

It is possible to walk looking for the tombstone of the famous John Keats, Percy Shelley and Gregory Corso and, among the few Italian, Carlo Emilio Gadda and Antonio Gramsci.

The cemetery is managed by foreign representatives in Italy and its space is now more and more content than the burials that is able to accommodate.

To preserve the harmony of the place, the burial in Italian characters is granted only when the quality of their work and their experience has made them somewhat foreign to their homeland.

The Protestant Cemetery, also known as the 'graveyard of the poets' is located in via Caio Cestio, a few steps from the Pyramid of Cestius and Metro B.

It can be visited individually or in groups, just warning a few days in advance.

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